The Children of ‘Generation Lockdown’ Speak

By CNN Opion

header-bwEl Paso. Dayton. Odessa. Pittsburgh. Parkland. Santa Fe. Newtown.

Policymakers debate arming teachers. Parents buy bulletproof backpacks. So many adult Americans fret over a generation – more than a generation, before all is said and done – of students raised to know the run-hide-fight of active shooter drills.

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Social Justice Through Art

By Ivan Salinas
FROM: The Daily Sundial

BIK_LA_ART-6-900x600Every Tuesday evening Luis Antonio Pichardo hosts the Conchas y Café workshop at the Chicano Resource Center in East Los Angeles, open for adults interested in developing skills through the arts. During a recent meeting, the evening workshop began with discussing a quote by German playwright Bertolt Brecht: “In times of disorder, of organized confusion, of inhumane humanity, nothing should appear natural.” The group shared their thoughts casually like friends having breakfast with conchas and coffee, but the gossip was focused on their experience living in “times of disorder.”

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