Pomona Valley Review Call For Submissions

By Brian Dunlap


The Pomona Valley Review (PVR) is now open for submissions for its 13th issue. Submitters will be contacted in July with decisions. PVR 13 is scheduled for an early August publication.

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Cafe con Libros Thrives in Creative Community

A bookstore oasis in the heart of the Pomona Arts District

by Joseph Harvey
From: SAC Media

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“As part of the community, our mission is to provide a space for everyone to embrace art, literature, cultural expression; in all its forms, to enlighten the future of our community.”

For founders Adelaida Bautista and Patricia DeRobles, Cafe con Libros is a project and business endeavor that means a great deal to members of the community and inevitably, the City of Pomona.

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An Interview With Poet Matt Sedillo

by Brian Dunlap

downloadMatt Sedillo is a hard working poet. Having no connections and little knowledge of the literary world or how to build a literary life, Sedillo’s built his career from the ground up. He was driven to write poetry as his way to speak out against the injustices he saw and experienced as a Latino and what he experienced growing up in the 1980s and 1990s in the El Sereno neighborhood of Los Ángeles. The strong armed, racist police policies of former LAPD chief Daryl Gates, such as Broken Windows, terrorized his working class Latino neighborhood. Poetry became Sedillo’s first avenue to speak out against these systemic problems facing people of color in America.

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Review: Obsidian Tongues Open Mic

by Brian Dunlap

DLkwziAUEAATGkqIt’s Saturday April 14th and the crowd is large. Café Con Libros is silent. There are no empty seats when I arrive so I stand. I’m in Pomona’s Art Colony for Obsidian Tongues, an open mic hosted by William Gonzalez and Ceasar K. Avelar. I’m 15-20 minutes late, and with the large crowd, worry there won’t be time for me to read as part of the open mic.

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