Forthcoming From Local Press Los Nietos: “Behind the Red Curtain” by Hồng-Mỹ Basrai

By Brian Dunlap

coverLos Nietos Press is small. Last year they published Long Beach poet Thomas R. Thomas’ latest poetry collection Star Chasing, a poetic memoir about his life growing up in a Southern California tract-house through his adulthood living in the Southland. In 2018, they published San Bernardino native and Long Beach resident liz gonzález’ first full length poetry collection Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds: Poems y Cuentos New and Selected.

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Book Review: Let the Buzzards Eat Me Whole

By Scott Neuffer
FROM: Trampset

1_iKgstnPn-oQUEUsnFtNpUQ@2x.jpegMy wife tells me not to talk about it: her trauma. She survived the dirty wars in Peru. If you talk, you die, she tells me. People don’t talk about it. The dead are dead. The living go on. Sorry, it’s not my place, I say. But these ghosts. I can feel them.

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By Carolyn Neuhausen
FROM: The Argonaut

coverLoyola Marymount University writing instructor and rhetorical arts fellow Shonda Buchanan understands how abuse and self-hatred — the kind that ripples through families for generations — can set the tone for interpersonal relationships for decades, if not centuries.

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Locs in the Sweat Lodge: On Shonda Buchanan’s “Black Indian”

By Eisa Nefertari Ulen

downloadAward-winning poet Shonda Buchanan honors multiple literary traditions in her breathtaking new memoir, Black Indian. An educator, freelance writer, and literary editor, Buchanan is a culture worker with deep, decades-long engagement in communities of color. Her work honors the complexity and diversity of these Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. At once Indigenous, Black Female, Speculative, Feminist, Womanist, Urban, Southern Gothic, and counter to the Tragic Mulatto stereotype in American literature, stage, and film, Black Indian is a quintessentially American narrative.

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My El Monte Halloweens

By Michael Jaime-Becerra
FROM: Los Angeles Times

downloadWhen I was a boy, we didn’t celebrate Halloween. I recall trick-or-treating once, the year I was 5, my mother taking my sister and me to our nana’s house in South El Monte, me in a cowboy costume, my caramel-colored corduroy vest and chaps fresh from my mother’s sewing machine, my sister’s ladybug costume too. We approached a few houses to collect whatever candy we could, and aside from a future Halloween party or two and our elementary school’s costume parade, that was it.

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Literary History: Kate Braverman, Whose Poetry and Prose Captured a Dark Los Angeles, Dies in Santa Fe, N.M.

By Dorany Pineda
From: Los Angeles Times

download.jpeg-2Kate Braverman a poet, novelist and short-story writer whose work was fueled by a sprawling Los Angeles, has died. She was 70.

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