Poetry Circus #5

by Brian Dunlap


Last Saturday was the 5th annual Poetry Circus and the first time I attended. I was an hour late, but the circus ran from 5 pm – 10 pm at the Merry-Go-Round at Griffith Park. 44 L.A. poets were scheduled to read over three rings. 44 L.A. poets with vastly different voices and stories to tell.

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Fifty Years of Beyond Baroque: 1968–2018

By Johanna Drucker

From: LARB

downloadFOR HALF A CENTURY, Beyond Baroque, the literary arts center in Venice, has provided a venue for an eclectic array of voices from diverse communities. Its program flyers and press releases have featured punk poets and New Age mystics, as well as gay, feminist, Black, and Latinx lyricists, storytellers, songsters, and activists. While creating an essential platform for Los Angeles and Southern California writers, Beyond Baroque has also attracted high-profile figures of international renown like Patti Smith, Tom Waits, Jack Hirschman, Dennis Cooper, and Viggo Mortensen. If Southern California shows up on the literary map of late 20th-century America, it is in some significant part because of Beyond Baroque’s tireless activity and advocacy. And the prevailing spirit of inclusiveness in its programming can be attributed to George Drury Smith, who founded the institution in 1968.

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By Rex Weiner

From: Cultural Weekly

Beyond_Baroque_bookstore_www.culturalweekly.org2_When Abbot Kinney, an eccentric developer and conservationist, created the city of Venice, California in 1905, with a system of canals complete with gondolas and gondoliers brought in from Venice, Italy, he was inspired by the art, architecture, poetry and literary life he’d experience during a Grand Tour of Europe. Continue reading