Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ ALOUD Series Update

By Brian Dunlap

downloadI received this email last week from the Library Foundation. It’s about the revamped ALOUD Reading Series. I know everybody in the Los Angeles literary community was upset last fall when the Library Foundation abruptly announced sudden changes to its staff–the firings of ALOUD Director Louise Steinman and Associate Director Maureen Moore–and to its central program, ALOUD, a program no one thought needed any retooling. However, major retooling has befallen ALOUD, and according to this email, very little, if any, literary programming is actually featured in any of its announced programming.

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Harsh, corporate-style dismissals have no place at ALOUD or the L.A. Library Foundation

by Louise Steinman and Maureen Moore and others
FROM: Los Angeles Times

la-1543262861-c199algqs8-snap-imageTo the editor: Library Foundation President Kenneth Brecher claims the ALOUD series was “stagnating”; we believe the 25-year record — to the present — of cultural and literary programming at the Los Angeles Public Library speaks for itself.

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An Open Letter to Ken Brecher and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles

By Jen Hofer and Antena
FROM: L.A. Review of Books Blog

untitledTo Ken Brecher and the Staff and Board Members of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles:

The two collectives I co-founded, Antena and Antena Los Ángeles, recently received an invitation to participate in the upcoming Mobile Museum Fair that the Library Foundation of Los Angeles is organizing at the Los Angeles Public Library in January 2019. In the wake of the unjust and as yet unexplained firings of Maureen Moore and Louise Steinman from their positions as Associate Director and Director of the ALOUD series respectively, and the unanswered calls for accountability on the part of Ken Brecher and the LFLA Board, I am writing to inform you unequivocally that neither Antena nor Antena Los Ángeles will work with LFLA until this matter is resolved in an ethical, respectful and transparent way — as not just Maureen and Louise but also the many communities who love both the ALOUD series and the amazing beloved Los Angeles Public Library deserve.

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Louise Steinman And Maureen Moore Are No Longer With The ALOUD Reading Series At L.A. Public Library

From: Los Angeles Times

aloudThe Los Angeles literary landscape shifted significantly this week with the departure of Louise Steinman from ALOUD, the reading series based at the downtown Central Library that she founded and ran for 25 years.

A representative of the Library Foundation confirmed the departure of Steinman and ALOUD associate director Maureen Moore, who was the driving force behind the rotunda exhibit “Visualizing Language” by Oaxacan artists that gained international attention.

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