New L.A. Book Festival LitLit Announces Talks by Poets Yesika Salgado, Vickie Vertiz and More

By Michael Schaub
FROM: L.A. Times

EWGQUR43BFGK3ENGYAP6QJ37U4The Los Angeles Review of Books and Hauser & Wirth Publishers announced the panelists who will discuss literature, art and activism at LitLit, the Little Literary Fair, which will debut this weekend in L.A.’s Downtown Arts District. The city’s newest book festival, to be held at the Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles arts complex, will host four panels on July 20 and 21 as part of its programming, which will also include more than 20 exhibitors from L.A. and other cities on the West Coast.

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Invisible No More: How “Fade Into You” Reflects the L.A. Chicanx Experience

By Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo

fadeintoyou-240x360SEVENTEEN AND HIGH, Nikki Darling swaggers down the middle of Garvey Boulevard, a busy thoroughfare in the San Gabriel Valley, as cars swerve around her: “‘Three Days’ by Jane’s Addiction is playing on my Walkman and I feel like I’m in a movie, like I’m an assassin.” She stands in the street with a cigarette hanging from her lips, with “someplace to be or maybe nowhere to go.” She taunts the cars as they pass: “Fly around me, motherfuckers! Fly around me like I’m not even here!”

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