La Palabra, A Great Way to End the Year

By Brian Dunlap

IMG_6619Avenue 50 Studio was packed with poets, folding chairs and powerful and difficult-but necessary-words. It was the third Sunday in December and Santa Ana winds sent a chill through Highland Park. But the front room inside the gallery dedicated to local Latinx art, with an emphasis on Chicanx artists, was a safe space filled with familiar faces. It was the final La Palabra open mic of the year.

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Los Angeles, City of Poets

by Sesshu Foster

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailONE DAY, when my brother Paul was 12, he came home wearing a shirt made from the American stars and stripes. My uncle caught him — my uncle owned the East L.A. house we lived in at the time and he reminded us of this fact regularly. He beat Paul to the floor and tore the shirt off. That same year, they put Paul on a Greyhound bus at the old terminal on Sixth and Los Angeles Streets and sent him up to Northern California to live with our dad. After a couple years, Paul was out on his own, moving through a series of hippie communes, Big Sur cabins, and foster homes, where he started reading Allen Ginsberg and the Beats.

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Community News

by Brian Dunlap

cropped-BCF-Header-2017.pngLos Ángeles poet and community activists Jessica Ceballos y Campbell announced the other week that she has been awarded one of two All Voices Fellowships, a writers retreat in Idyllwild in September. As she said on Facebook, “I’ll be at my first non-self designated all-inclusive retreat…” and her excitement was palpable. “Yay!” Ceballos y Campbell exclaimed.

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