Episode Six of Poetry Salon’s Poetry Saloncast

By Brian Dunlap

20102_10151304646867936_350037825_nThe Poetry Salon has released the six episode of its Poetry Saloncast. This episode’s interview is with local poet Alexis Rhone Fancher, whose work has been described as blazing and frank and her submissions regimen ambitious. Fancher discusses her work-ethic and her ability to detach herself from her writing, even when writing about very personal subjects.

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South Central L.A. Poet, Nikolai Garcia, Releases His Debut Chapbook

By Brian Dunlap

FB_IMG_1569901531792The crowd filled in late. Half way through his reading Nikolai Garcia paused to give shout-outs to friends he just noticed had arrived. To friends that he’d known for years. It was his release party for his debut chapbook “Nuclear Shadows of Palm Trees,” from L.A. literary nonprofit DSTL Arts. A collection that captures L.A. away from all the common tropes and streotypes the city is famous for. It’s his L.A.

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