Independent Bookstores

The following is a list of independent bookstores located in and around Los Angeles. They are broken up by category: New, Used and Other/Specialty. Some bookstores sell both new and used books, but are listed under the category that best fits the individual store. Each bookstore is linked to its website, where you can get info on author readings, books in stock, etc.

Note: There are two exceptions, the used bookstores Caravan Book Store and Vajra Books and Gifts, that don’t have a website. In place, they are each linked to an article profiling the store. Also, Alias Books does not have a link because its website appears to be in name only.

New Books

Used Books



2 thoughts on “Independent Bookstores

  1. I would also add Sandpiper Books in Torrance to your list. They carry new, gently used and rare books. Their address is 4665 Torrance Blvd. Torrance CA . I shop there all the time, very friendly staff, they recommend and talk books and authors with you. Thank you for this list of other bookstores.


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