Literary Venues

Los Angeles has an extensive literary community.

There are many new, used and specialty bookstores from Venice Beach, to Sylmar, to Long Beach, to La Canada Flintridge, all the way to Riverside. Some bookstores can help you find rare or out of print books. Some have in stock the new book by your favorite author. Some do a little of both, while others specialize in art and architecture, or spirituality. In Los Angeles there is bound to be a bookstore for whatever a book lover is looking for. And the best of them offer more than just books. Some offer writing workshops, author readings and/or book clubs to engage the greater Los Angeles literary community in important and relevant conversations and ideas. Others offer open mics, where important voices can be heard and shared.

The Los Angeles literary community is more than just bookstores, however. There are literary arts organizations that are dedicated to expanding the public’s knowledge of poetry, literature and art through cultural events and community interaction that have been around since the late sixties or were founded more recently. There are nonprofits dedicated to developing and supporting K-12 students with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. There are others dedicated to encouraging and developing the voices of women and at-risk youth. And there are open Mics proliferating in and around Los Angeles, held at almost any type of venue.

Los Angeles has literature aplenty! Enjoy and engage!

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