The Blood-Jet Radio Episode 130: Sara Borjas, Author of Heart Like A Window, Mouth Like A Cliff

By Brian Dunlap

cropped-thebloodjetnewSara Borjas is the guest on the latest episode of The Blood-Jet Writing Hour.

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David Ulin on the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Los Angeles

The Former LA Times Book Critic in Conversation with Paul Holdengraber

By Lit Hub
FROM: Lit Hub

los-angeles-echo-parkIn this episode of A Phone Call With Paul, Paul Holdengraber speaks with David Ulin, writer, and former book critic of the Los Angeles Times, about the dramatic changes in Los Angeles, the literature of the city, and his work on Joan Didion.

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2 Local Poets: ‘The Spirit of Activism Has Always Been in LA Poetry’

By Steve Chiotakis
FROM: Greater L.A./KCRW

Southern California may not get the credit it deserves for its strong literary community and a great spoken word scene. However, poets Shonda Buchanan and Mike Sonksen tell Greater LA the poetry community could be the most diverse scene in the city of Los Angeles.

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Poet Bridgette Bianca on Connecting Through Spoken Word

By Steve Chiotakis and Courtney Kocak
FROM: Greater L.A./KCRW

180bf296-6ede-47f6-b8f2-f12d2dbffc25 (1)Poet Bridgette Bianca recently performed at Hilltop Coffee + Kitchen in South LA. She breaks down one of her pieces, touching on her life and work, and her part in a growing local community of young African American writers.

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Monstrous Poetry

Kenji Liu Is Using Frankenstein As A Metaphor For Toxic Masculinity

by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
FROM: Bitch Media

KenjiKenji Liu and I enter a tea shop on Las Tunas Drive in an area that feels like the epicenter of the boba tea shop movement in Southern California’s San Gabriel Valley. K-pop plays over the speakers while a worker noisily fixes a hole in the ceiling, and Liu and I have to raise our voices in order to discuss Monsters I Have Been, his new collection of sci-fi–inspired poems that uses the figure of Frankenstein’s monster as a way to reflect on toxic masculinity. But though our location isn’t an ideal place to record an interview, after immersing myself in Monsters’ mix of languages, pop-culture references, and chopped-up texts, I wanted to meet in a location that has a similarly busy vibrance.

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Endeavor: An Interview with Cynthia Guardado

by Therese Marie Konopelski
FROM: Letras Latinas Blog

AuthorPhoto_NevadaEndeavor is a tender and sorrowful work, opening old scars and healing them with love and retrospective wisdom. There is a respectful and appropiate sense of nostalgia that permeates the narrative; for Inglewood, CA before gentrification, for innocence, and freedom of days gone by. It does not grieve, rather it treats Latinidad, womanhood, and abuse survivors with compassion and understanding. Guardado offers sincere meditations on injustices that affect women every day. Ultimately, the reader is renewed, and finds a sense of freedom in remembering these lived scars.

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Pocha and Proud: An Interview With Sarah Borjas

Brenda Delfino interviews Sara Borjas      FROM: LARB

20190415_224157Poems can be windows. They can also be doors. These are truths to prescribe to while reading Sara Borjas debut  poetry collection Heart Like a Window, Mouth Like a Cliff. A window can work as an enterence, can mirror the reflection of someone familiar. In her poem “Lies I Tell,” previously published by the Academy of America Poets, Borjas writes,

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