Local Press News: Los Nietos

FROM: Los Nietos Press

Los Nietos Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Acts of Contrition, a collection of short stories by Victoria Waddle. Presales are available now; the book release date is March 15, 2021.

A resident of the Inland Empire, Victoria Waddle has created a gripping short story collection about the complex lives of modern women. The women in Acts of Contrition face society’s devaluation, from parents, from elders, from all who assume authority of them. Some can look back and laugh, some find luck in their escape from harm, some engineer their own good fortune, all the while riding a wave of dark humor. They battle oppressions as simple as gender stereotyping, as complex as prerequisites to friendship or love. What all the characters come to understand is that silence places them at greater risk than speaking out. They progress toward freedom through the telling of their stories.

Victoria Waddle has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, is a Bosque Magazine Fiction Prize finalist and is included in Best Short Stories from The Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest. She reviews books at SchoolLibraryLady.com and contributes to the Inlandia syndicated column Literary Journeys, which supports the work of Inland Empire authors. Waddle is the managing editor of Inlandia: A Literary Journey, the literary journal of the Inlandia Institute.

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