Love Is In The Air At Long Beach Airport Eith Customized Poems For Travelers

by Asia Morris
FROM: Long Beach Post


Don’t be surprised if love is in the air when you’re traveling via Long Beach Airport on Valentine’s Day. Poet Brian Sonia-Wallace will be writing love poems—with the satisfying clack-clack-clack of an antique Remington typewriter—for Friday jet setters willing to share their love stories.

“Airports are spaces of transition, connection, transformation,” said Sonia-Wallace. “Many couple’s first serious test of commitment is traveling together. For others, the airport is a place of reconnection. I’m excited to invite the public to commission love poems for each other in this space, to hear some of the thousands of stories that pass through an airport every day.”

Sonia-Wallace, who has made a career of offering his storytelling expertise through on-demand poetry, will ask participants to share their love stories, he’ll then typewrite them on the spot for their significant other. There will also be a second typewriter available to passengers who wish to write their own poems or messages. Read Rest of Article Here.

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