Forthcoming From Local Press Los Nietos: “Behind the Red Curtain” by Hồng-Mỹ Basrai

By Brian Dunlap

coverLos Nietos Press is small. Last year they published Long Beach poet Thomas R. Thomas’ latest poetry collection Star Chasing, a poetic memoir about his life growing up in a Southern California tract-house through his adulthood living in the Southland. In 2018, they published San Bernardino native and Long Beach resident liz gonzález’ first full length poetry collection Dancing in the Santa Ana Winds: Poems y Cuentos New and Selected.

In 2016 they published the second collection of poetry, So Cali, by Southern California native Trista Dominqu. In the collection Dominqu takes the reader through the blue-collar working class Southern California that “moves beneath the glitz of Hollywood, the money [of] Santa Monica and the Chrome skyline of Downtown. In poems such as ‘So Cali’, ‘Working Class Blue’ and ’45 minutes of Spanglish’ she explores the world of steel-toed shoes, tattooed forearms, skate parks and mills South East of the city epicenter.”

Los Nietos Press has published other books, mostly of poetry. And they continue to follow their mission by publishing works “that helps us understand the lives and history of people who make up the diverse community of Southern California.”

On January 26, they announced the pre-order period for their next book Behind the Red Curtain by Hồng-Mỹ Basrai. It’s a memoir about the “coping and survival of a Vietnamese family inside fallen Saigon following the end of the Vietnam War. Within the context of this bigger drama is the author’s private journey of coming of age in an uncertain time” reads the description on the book’s website. Basrai was born and raised in Saigon and “Transplanted at twenty-two to Southern California” according to her bio. “She picked up English and improvised with the borrowed language to make it her own.”

You can pre-order Los Nietos Press’ latest release here:

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