Sad News For Highland Park Bookstore Book Show

By Jen Hitchcock

NOTE: The following was posted to Book Show’s Facebook page today, October 1, 2019 by the owner Jen Hitchcock.

70998279_10104669909885014_6294625252072751104_oAfter over five years in Highland Park, I am extremely sad to announce that Book Show will be closing our store here at the end of 2019.

Our landlord decided to double our already high rent and is forcing us out. Therefore Book Show will be looking for a new space starting in 2020.

There really is too much to put into words here. Leaving Highland Park is hard to wrap my head around, as I have loved having my business here. The friends I have made, the people who I see every day here in HLP, the support from the community… it has been a gift. I will miss it so much. This has been one of the best times of my life. Thank you.

So what is next?

Book Show will be popping up in various forms all over the place, taking the show on the road early next year.

We are opening an online store so we can continue selling all the book oddities and craziness. Will launch soon.

AND finally, Book Show will be opening a new space with our good friend Sabrina Dropkick of HOUSE Open mic fame by late spring/early summer in the San Fernando Valley!!!

BOOK SHOW WILL BE IN OUR CURRENT SPACE UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR. Come hang out and reminisce!! Come shop! Support the events you want to go to! It will help continue to keep the show alive.

PLEASE come down and talk to me about everything. I will want to see all the friends I have made here in this space as much as possible before the doors close.

There will be a closing party shortly after Christmas, so please look out for that announcement!



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