Welcome Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins

By Brian Dunlap
FROM: Arkay Artists

FB_IMG_1558518086955Arkay Artists will be publishing Salvadorian L.A. poet Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins’ memoir in the Winter of 2019. Let the Buzzards Eat Me Whole is a memoir summoned in poetic prose and poems.

An out of body experience told by the child turned woman protagonist. It is a story of emigration, perversion, culture shock, and mending. It is the shattering of ideals put upon by society and the eventual perpetual ripening of self.

Calderon-Collins said on Facebook about her poetic memoir, “Never did I ever think I’d be writing these words but I will be publishing my poetic memoir…I am hoping to finally speak in the only language I know (the poetries) about experiences in my country during a silent war, abuse, coming to the States, the struggle with language, Mormonism and the eventual coming home to myself. Thank you for this unforgettable opportunity to finally have a voice 🖤 coming this December.”

Congratulations Ingrid M. Calderon-Collins. Los Angeles Literature is looking forward to reading Let the Buzzards Eat Me Whole. Grab your copy this December.

Check out Arkay Artists’ website here.


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