BUSINESS BEAT: Fourth Street Turns Page With New Bookstore

By Ashleigh Ruhl
FROM: The Grunion

50196239_2008988662490429_5419863507640254464_nA new bookstore is turning the page on Fourth Street’s Retro Row.

Page Against the Machine (or PATM) opened earlier this month in a narrow but bright retail space at 2714 E. Fourth St., the sleekly remodeled home of what was formerly Seventh Wave surf shop.

Chris Giaco, a vintage expert and former shopkeeper of inretrospect [sic] also on Retro Row, has been selling new and used books in his stores and online for most of his life. Calling himself an “instigator” instead of a “business owner,” Giaco said he’s looking forward to instigating conversations about books he’s most passionate about: ones that promote mindfulness.

“My criteria for what’s in the store is anything that goes against the grain — people have a lot of interpretations of what goes against the machine, but this is for anyone who wants to do things independently and find creative, inspirational things to empower themselves,” Giaco said.

Not limited to books, Page Against the Machine also features art and other retail, with plans ahead for the tiny space to serve for community gatherings and readings. Read Rest of Article Here


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