Read Why This Open Mic Never Disappoints

By Arlene Mateo
FROM: pspoets

sideshow+26Sideshow Bookstore has a lot to offer, little nooks and shelves of great reads and highly recommended staff picks, it’s the place you find instant comfort in. Tony, the owner, has undeniably created a meaningful respite for all Angelenos.

On April 6th, Sideshow opened its doors to another great night of poetry and live music. The event was held in the backyard, while seats filled up quickly, everyone sat in eager anticipation for the show to begin.

The night was hosted by Jenna Dorn and Sergio Cacciotti, they patiently kept time, and ensured everyone who signed up had a chance to read. The setlist was a long one, and the acts were highly entertaining and diverse, it kept the seats full and all eyes on the stage.

Jenna opened the performances with a poem full of powerful imagery and raw emotion. Her writing is candid and very relatable. It set the tone for the night, and made all readers and performers feel encouraged to be themselves and  just as forthcoming. Read Rest of Article Here


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