An Open Letter to Ken Brecher and the Library Foundation of Los Angeles

By Jen Hofer and Antena
FROM: L.A. Review of Books Blog

untitledTo Ken Brecher and the Staff and Board Members of the Library Foundation of Los Angeles:

The two collectives I co-founded, Antena and Antena Los Ángeles, recently received an invitation to participate in the upcoming Mobile Museum Fair that the Library Foundation of Los Angeles is organizing at the Los Angeles Public Library in January 2019. In the wake of the unjust and as yet unexplained firings of Maureen Moore and Louise Steinman from their positions as Associate Director and Director of the ALOUD series respectively, and the unanswered calls for accountability on the part of Ken Brecher and the LFLA Board, I am writing to inform you unequivocally that neither Antena nor Antena Los Ángeles will work with LFLA until this matter is resolved in an ethical, respectful and transparent way — as not just Maureen and Louise but also the many communities who love both the ALOUD series and the amazing beloved Los Angeles Public Library deserve.

Antena and Antena Los Ángeles have been so proud to be connected to the ALOUD series and the Los Angeles Public Library — our #1 favorite public institution — but at this point any association with LFLA feels entirely contrary to everything our collectives stand for. We encourage other writers, artists and cultural workers who are invited to participate in LFLA-sponsored events to take an ethical stand alongside us and register your dissent by non-participation accompanied by public statement, or by bringing these issues up as part of any LFLA-related programming in which you choose to participate.

We also encourage folks to sign the petition demanding LFLA take the ALOUD community into account in making decisions about the future of the series, alongside nearly a thousand people, including many writers and artists who have presented our work as part of ALOUD, and many readers and community members for whom the series has been a beloved source of inspiration and instigation. When I received the tone-deaf invitation to participate in an LFLA program, in fact, I began to wonder if anyone at LFLA has even read the petition (of which I am a signee) or the many articles questioning the decisions behind Maureen’s and Louise’s firings that have been written in venues like Cultural WeeklyLA TacoThe Los Angeles Review of Books, and The Los Angeles Times. Read Rest of Article Here


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