Nancy Lynee Woo is an Incorrigible Optimist and that’s a Good Thing

FROM: Palacio Podcast

BJOIA-picNancy Lynee Woo is a freelance writer, editor, and creative consultant, and organizer of creative events including community writing workshops and poetry series. She is also an incorrigible optimist and is not shy about admitting it and for good reason. (Her middle name is actually “Lynée” but WordPress won’t let me use it in SEO. My apologies.)

“I cannot help but try and see the best in everything and I have to believe that things are getting better.”

Woo calls it a conscious choice in her life so she can move forward.

“…with the idea that I’m always evolving and transforming and creating into a better version of myself.”

Spend any time with Nancy Lynee Woo and you quickly realize that not only is she very serious but that it can be contagious and that’s a good thing for all of us. sat down for an interview with Nancy Lynee Woo in a peaceful apartment with the most chilled cat I’ve met in a while. Unfortunately, the sound of the outdoor reality could not help but occasionally invading our space. Listen to Interview Here



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