Book News From Natashia Deón

by Brian Dunlap

downloadRecently, L.A. novelist Natashia Deón announced she sold her second book “The Perishing,” to Counterpoint Press. She reacted to the news on Facebook by saying, “So doggone grateful. Glory!”

The novel is about a young black woman who suddenly finds herself in 1930s Los Ángeles, and through flashes forwards and back in time comes to believe she may be immortal, only to find a love, and a city, worth dying for.

Natashia Deón is the author of the NCAPP Image Awards Nominated book Grace, about a slave in the 1840s South. Fifteen-year-old Naomi learns that life on the run can be just as dangerous as life under a sadistic Massa after she escapes the brutal confines of life on an Alabama plantation and takes refuge in a Georgia brothel run by a gun-toting Jewish madam named Cynthia. Amidst a revolving door of gamblers and prostitutes, Naomi falls into a love affair with a smooth-talking white man named Jeremy.

Deón is also the Executive Producer of the monthly Los Ángeles reading series “The Table,” where the series’ hosts are invited to create and curate a reading event that consists of no more than six readers and will be as diverse in subject matter as it is in contributors. The hosts are given an event space and create a theme for their assigned evening. Curators who are new to planning readings, and mentored through the process, from time management, budgeting and basic costs, to creating promotional materials, inviting readers and guests, working with volunteers, and more.

Congratulations to Natashia Deón and her next novel “The Perishing,” another publishing success in the Los Ángeles literary community.

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