Overheard At Vroman’s

Reyna Grande In Conversation With Alex Espinoza

by Michel Sedano
From: Labloga.blogspot.com

Alex_Espinoza_Reyna_Grande_Vromans.jpgFriday night’s is an audience of readers, gente who have come on Friday night to the independent bookseller, Vroman’s, in Pasadena CA because reading matters to them. They want to hear Reyna Grande, whose stories to them mattered.

Reyna Grande has five books; two novels, three memoirs (one the YA Distance Between Us) and not including translations. She’s the kind of writer a passerby would want to sit and hear. But there’s SRO. And still they stand. She’s that kind of speaker.

The audience has read Grande’s books. They need to read stories like this and have, a story like the author’s that inspires, encourages them, as she relates in a recent radio interview with Norma Martinez (link). Grande told the audience of being invited to elementary schools and meeting not with the kids but their mothers, who had to abandon their children like Grande’s mother.

The memoirs tell the readers’ own stories, too, though thankfully not exactly. Their abuelas were unlikely to be the species of mean that takes away ice cream from children and places it to melt in the sun, to make a point.

Forgiving that is perspective, Grande admits. Writing freezes that personality into that image. A dozen years after, senescence laid waste to that vicious entity. Nothing remains to hate.

As a mom, that little kid licking her lips over melted nieve, is a push-over. Discipline is not mom’s strong suit. Con razón.

Grande’s familia are here. The author introduces her brother, who’s standing off to the side all proud of his big sister, his kids smiling at tía on that stool right-center stage. Read Rest of Article Here


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