Cafe con Libros Thrives in Creative Community

A bookstore oasis in the heart of the Pomona Arts District

by Joseph Harvey
From: SAC Media

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“As part of the community, our mission is to provide a space for everyone to embrace art, literature, cultural expression; in all its forms, to enlighten the future of our community.”

For founders Adelaida Bautista and Patricia DeRobles, Cafe con Libros is a project and business endeavor that means a great deal to members of the community and inevitably, the City of Pomona.

Within the red brick interior walls of Cafe con Libros, patrons are immediately struck with a wave of authentic beauty unlike any other bookstore. Near the front of the store and towards the back, there is always something new that catches an individuals eye.

From the retailed books available for sale, the canvas paintings from local artists which hang from the walls, to the couches by the lending library where books are donated and available for free, Cafe con Libros is a creative person’s oasis.

Once their original space from 20 years ago was available for lease, it began a conversation between the two women about re-opening their establishment.

“When we decided to open again, we knew we had to be different. We knew that we had to find other ways to fund some of the activities that don’t generate revenue,” DeRobles said. Read Rest of Article Here

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