Women’s Center for Creative Work Needs Your Help

by Brian Dunlap

250px-Logo_Women's_Center_for_Creative_WorkIn early September at Women’s Center for Creative Work experienced a break-in. While they said “it does feel violating,” it seems as though it was random and opportunistic. The space wasn’t damaged or trashed, but they did have a good deal of electronics and other valuables stolen.

The Women’s Center for Creative Work cultivates L.A.’s feminist creative communities and practices. They do this in a way that is explicitly intersectional and work towards a feminism prioritizing women of color, queer, trams and nonbinary folx, and other marginalized communities. The Women’s Center includes literary programing such as the Feminist Reading Group.

They are reaching out on gofundme to ask for help in raising the funds, to replace these very necessary items that they use on a daily or weekly basis for programming or general operations.

Below is a list of the specific valuable items that were stolen. If you have anything similar you’d be willing to donate, they would very much appreciate that and can provide a donation letter for tax purposes (please email info@wccw.us ).

-2016 Imac Desktop
-Two ipads, one newer mini and one older full-sized one
-A projector
-Two cash boxes (one from WCCW and one from FLOW)
-Tool Box with basic tools
-Electric drill
-Various office supplies, many sharpies and pens, scissors, a desk lamp, etc…

Gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/wccw-break-in-fund

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