Six-week poetry workshop welcomes poets of all ages


From: The Occidental 


The Center for the Arts Eagle Rock is hosting a poetry workshop with the theme of intergenerational poetry, which welcomes individuals of all ages, every Tuesday until May 22. Jessica M. Wilson, founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society — a community organization for art and literature based in the city since 2009 — is leading the workshop. Members of the public can sign up for the full six weeks at a fee of $60 or attend a single workshop for $10. Five people attended the first workshop on April 17 and discussed works by beat generation poet Allen Ginsberg, author of “Howl.”

“Everyone is included because everyone has their own stories to share and their own truth, and they are all experts in their own right so we want to hear from everybody. We are bringing everyone together and having that same communal experience of poetry,” Wilson said.

The workshop involves reading poems by different authors, including students in other poetry workshops, and analyzing their style. Wilson emphasizes the themes of memory, observation and speaking one’s truth. She provides attendees with a notebook to write down ideas for their own poems and encourages them to share them with others in the workshop. Individuals can also bring in poetry that they are working on outside of class and receive feedback.

While the workshop is meant to encourage poetic expression, everyone has a different idea of what they will gain from the experience, according to Wilson.

Community member Rick Van Voorden attended the first workshop on April 17 and said that he wanted to write lyrics for the music he has written.

“I’ve been songwriting most of my life, playing music, playing guitar,” Van Voorden said. Read Rest of Article Here




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