Saying Good By to Dirty Laundry Lit

by Brian Dunlap

downloadEverything must come to an end. Eventually. Los Ángeles writer, author of Grace (Counterpoint, 2016), Natasha Deón, creator of Dirty Laundry Lit, has decided it’s time to end the wildly popular and successful reading series in Hollywood, after seven plus years. It’s best to let Natasha Deón say it in her own words. The following words are taken from a Facebook post she made yesterday.

“Dear Friends and Family of Dirty Laundry Lit,

After seven full years and a few months into our eighth year, I can whole heartedly say that it has been a pleasure to run Dirty Laundry Lit which was described by L.A. Weekly as more than a reading series but a raucous, all-inclusive party.

We have seen amazing talent–hundreds of readers–from around the world and around the nation and heard them bare their souls to our amazing audiences which have been second none. But alas, it’s time for us to take a bow and say WOW what a journey! And let it end. Our most recent reading in November, SAFE WORD, has become our last live reading.

Everyone’s good and healthy but it’s time. It’s time for rest and reflection and new journeys that we can only hope will be as fulfilling.

And I can say with certainty that now…not far from a decade with Dirty Laundry Lit (WOW!), something great and unexpected happened in L.A. because of people like you reading with and watching Dirty Laundry Lit.

From Bad Santa to Safe Word and Clothing Optional…I don’t know which I adored most. Maybe having the kissing booth for Love Sucks and the lipstick writing on the mirror right before everyone was blown away by the words of the amazing writers on our stage! It felt like love.

And I could not have done without Jeff Eyres. The best host in the entire world.

Dirty Laundry Lit would not have started so boldly without PEN Center USA first believing in me and in the potential of the Dirty Laundry Lit series, and Michelle Franke, Libby Flores, Zoe Ruiz, Chiwan Choi, Marytza Rubio. And again…Jeff Eyres. I’ve said this a million times, but Jeff, you’re one of a kind, an incredible talent, a good friend, and a superstar. I will love you forever!

To the lovely Novena and her perfect venue, The Virgil, THANK YOU! For everything, thank you. And to our DJs: DJ Thing, DJ Cazel, DJ Shai and DJ Peter Woods, THANK YOU! And our bookseller, Skylight Books!

To our event photographers Casey Curry and Wes Kriesel, our video team Danny Corey and Heather Simons, to Dave Thomas–a vocal maestro and host of The Rogue Room–and of course to our amazing AH-MAZING readers–I LOVE YOU! Thank you!

Finally, last but not least, to our rad audience and our volunteers. So much love to you!

If I missed you by name, it is only because it’s hard to see straight as I write this. But I hope I’ve told you so many times that you are amazing and helped to do something great here.

And to Alex the Panda…”Pandamonium!” will always be in my heart. And to Kari Hawkey, a great leader and artist, may you continue to build beauty and not stop. Thank you!

I’m so grateful for this experience, for these amazing friends. I’ll miss it all…and miss YOU most.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and forgive my typos.

Love, love, love”


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