A New Open Mic

By Brian Dunlap

pipeThere is a new open mic in town. Yes, another open mic. Yes, even though this site lists more than 30 in and around L.A.

This open mic brands itself as “Open Mic Poetry Slam.” It goes down the first Friday of each month at Pipe & Thimble Publishing on Narbonne Avenue in Lomita, a heavy commercial street, out of the way of where one would expect to find a literary event.

Luis Antonio Pichardo, founder and executive director of DSTLArts, is the host, who peppered this first session of “Open Mic Poetry Slam,” with his poetry, one or two from his new collection “On Aphrodite’s Whim.” Community members from around Los Angeles read two to three poems each in-between. The atmosphere was relaxed and unpretentious, regular people who love poetry, finding a supportive atmosphere to speak their truth. As there was no feature, everyone had a chance to read, including one woman, who’d taken the bus from South Central, who arrived late.

Pipe & Thimble Publishing is a small venue and publishing company causing seating to be limited. They suggest you get their early. They are a publishing company founded on the idea that authors, and all artists, should be treated with respect and fairness. There goal is to help independent authors get to the next level, while maintaining the same control they enjoy publishing on their own. They are also very interested in using their space as a place to hold space for literature and arts events. One of their first is an Introduction to poetry workshop on July 16 hosted by Luis Antonio Pichardo.

If you are looking for an unpretentious, stress free, laid back open mic, full of regular people found around L.A. and the South Bay, check out “Open Mic Poetry Slam.”



When: First Friday of the month: 7:30pm
Where: 24830 Narbonne Avenue, Lomita, CA 90717
Website: http://www.pipeandthimble.com/


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