Book Love: LitFest and Author Fair

by By Alysia Gray Painter

From: NBC4

LitFest-Crowd‘Tis the season for beach-ready reads to pop up at the top of various web pages, those hot, upcoming picks readers can tear into while on vacation.

But book buffs, though they do love a juicy, ocean-close novel, are also reading while they’re packing their suitcase, and lining up the vacation hotel, and before they even decide to take a trip, too.

There’s no waiting for summer to start for a reader to jump into the next story, in short.

Which makes the pre-summer timing of two hullabaloos spotlighting the written word, and the creative people who pen the tales we adore, so perfect. It’s always the perfect time for a literary party, in short, whether beach reads are needed or not.

 A host of panels and readings will blithely crowd the delightful calendar, from a panel devoted to Pasadena’s own Julia Child (food superstar Jonathan Gold is on that one) to a panel celebrating the interconnection between manga and American comics.

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