A visit with Other Books in Boyle Heights

From: The L.A. Times

oIn between a Mexican-crafted leather goods shop and an El Pollo Loco in Boyle Heights, works written by the likes of Alice Bag, James Baldwin, Inéz Estrada and Allen Ginsberg are shelved in light-wood bookcases.

Other Books carries a selection of new and used books, comics and zines, but there’s more to it. The front of the store is a spacious extension of the East Los Angeles bookshop Seite Books owned by Denice Diaz and Adam Bernales, while the back houses a print shop from Tiny Splendor, an art collective and small press. Kaya Press, a small nonprofit publisher focused on Asian and Pacific Islander diaspora, is the third partner and uses the space as a venue for events and collaborating with writers.

The three partners met through literary and zine festivals held throughout Southern California. They connected on “being invested in the literary realm and providing literature and art in different ways,” says Neelanjana Banerjee, managing editor of Kaya Press.

Seite Books had been looking for a bigger storefront. Bernales and Diaz’s goal, from the conception of their first shop, was to provide something that was needed in this working-class neighborhood that was a bookstore black hole.

“I’ve lived in [East L.A.] for most of my life wanting to have a bookstore in the area,” says Diaz. “I didn’t have access to one and had to go outside the neighborhood.” Read Rest of Article Here


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