From: Entropy Magazine

ChiAuthorPhoto2-503x620In honor of National Poetry Month, we’re interviewing several poets and asking them a few questions about poetry. Our second featured poet is Chiwan Choi! Stay tuned all month for more featured poets.

1) Why poetry?

Because for me it means being able to speak, being able to say that I existed in the world, because it’s the tool my voice uses to dig tunnels that help me find others, because it protects and fights for the thing the world has always wanted to take from me, because it allows me to speak to myself, to join the conversation, the dialogue, that has always existed through the course of our history.

2) Do you feel like poetry is more or less important & relevant today?

It’s as relevant as it’s ever been, I suppose. In that — it’s still used to shed light on the human experience. In that — it’s still used to destroy and exclude others. In that — we still reach for it when it all becomes too much to bear. Read Rest of Interview Here


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