Bound and Determined

By Lena McGee
From: UCLA Magazine

A Bruin family has kept Caravan Book Store successful for more than 60 years.

NxuDAZjSWhen Morris Bernstein ’47 and his wife, Lillian, opened Caravan Book Store on downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Avenue in 1954, he had no idea how much impact he’d have on the local community. At a time when the streetcar was the main source of transportation and people dressed up to go downtown, Caravan — once adjacent to the former “Bookseller’s Row” — was the place to go. To book lovers, it was Disneyland, a place where you could find old, rare and curious manuscripts you couldn’t get anywhere else.

And it still is: When you walk in, you want to read and purchase everything. It’s small enough not to overwhelm you, but big enough to hold some remarkable collections. Caravan is a piece of living literary history, a place where they still wrap your books in brown paper, as in the ’50s. Read Rest of Article Here


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