Con Safos Is Semi-Back

by Michael Sedano

From: La Bloga


At my fifth birthday party, an older kid named Johnny Roque scratched something on the stucco wall of the garage. I could read the letters but didn’t know what they meant. Johnny explained that c/s meant “you don’t mess with this.” I took a rock and scratched across the letters, at which point the little pachuco picked up an empty nickel deposit bottle and clunked me on the head with it. I tearfully realized he was serious about not messing with placas protected by C/S.

That lesson lurked at the back of my mind when I returned to the United States from Korea in 1970. That was when I learned that in my absence a magazine called Con Safos had gained popularity. I was delighted to learn C/S was a sterling exemplar of community-based media featuring raza arts and letters. C/S had stories, essays, drawings, photographs, and cartoons. Amidst all the good stuff—and there was a montón of good stuff–one cartoon stood out, Arnie and Porfi.

Drawn and scripted by Sergio Hernandez, the strip unraveled the continuing misadventures of street-wise Porfi and a Chicanerd named Arnie. It was the fabulous furry freak brothers but without the drugs and movidas, and puro Chicano. A few years back, Hernandez revived the strip at Latinopia, about the same time the surviving C/S editorial staff began stirring the waters looking to bring back the seminal magazine.

Although C/S hasn’t yet made it all the way back, there is a book about its history, penned with the cooperation of the C/S veteranos, by Maxine Borowsky Junge, Voices From the Barrio. The $32 book from internet publisher Amazon, launches at Los Angeles’ LA Plaza de Arte y Cultura on Thursday, January 19th. Read Rest of Article Here.


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