Angel City Review Issue 4 Out Now

angel-city-review-issue-4-cover-b-791x1024Angel City Review, a journal dedicated to the literary voices of Los Angeles, has just released its 4th issue. This issue of Angel City Review contextualizes writing in terms of the difficult times we live in. In the “Forward” written by Lead Editor John Venegas, writing hones in on the job of “poets and writers [who] continue to ask difficult questions, respond to those questions, keep alive the humanity that often seems lost, and retain hope.” In these times of Trump, where one group of people hate another group of people they do not even know or have never met, what can writing do when it asks and confronts difficult questions? It allows readers “to engage with and experience what it is like to live a life that is not your own.” In other words, writing allows the reader to step in someone else’s shoes.

In times with increasing nationalism and bigotry reading is “inherently an acknowledgment of voices other than your own, whether those voices belong to the writer or the narrator or the speaker or the characters or simply the lines of the text.” We humans cannot know everything, cannot understand every group of people on earth, especially when we live in parts of the world where certain groups of people do not live. Thus, since we cannot come in contact with them, how are we to understand them unless someone decides to read? That is why John Venegas notes that”Angel City Review is a journal dedicated to the literary voices of Los Angeles – the otherwise muted, the underprivileged, the experimental, the meek and the unabashed.”

Open issue 4 of “Angel City Review” and listen.

Read it here:


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