Angel City Review Issue 3 Release

PictureHere is issue 3 of Angel City Review. So many talented L.A. writers pack issue 3 to the brim. Mike Sonksen, Sarah Thursday, Rebecca Gonzales and Jesse Bliss to name a few. As John Venegas says in the editor’s note,

“The Angel City Review exists because we want to see seemingly impossible ideas that threaten our overly comfortable worldviews, because we want to move beyond conceptual points of no return, and because we want to share these moments with you…We have compiled a collection of some of the best Los Angeles has to offer, from renowned authors whose credits would take up several pages to previously unpublished students who had the audacity to believe that their voice and talent could stand shoulder to shoulder with those of any other. In this issue, those renowned authors do not disappoint. In this issue, those students earn the time you will take to listen to their words. And I again dare to believe that, by the end of this issue, you will greatly enjoy what you have seen.”

Sit back and enjoy what Los Angeles literature has to offer. Read Issue 3 Here:


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