Second Issue of S-Curves Released

oI know, I am way late on this story as the second issue of the online journal S-Curves was released close to two months ago. Better late than never.

As posted by Editor/Publisher Faith Currant in her Editor’s Note, she says about this issue, “[W]e didn’t set out to curate around a theme, but also as with our first issue, a theme showed up anyway. Our contributors all chose to explore identity — who we are, who others think we are, who we are in relation to our self-image, our families, our lovers and the world around us.” And as per their mission S-Curves continues to focus on writers from Topanga Canyon. There are poems from Tucker Weiss and Becky Sanvictores and the new voice Joe Gutesha that Faith Currant says has the”ability to observe and deconstruct his own experiences and inner world without self-pity or sentimentality, and with a great deal of maturity and compassion.”

Read the second issue of S-Curves and enjoy the writing being produced in Topanga Canyon.



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