15320012-220x180Another installment of Mike Sonksen’s series “Tomorrow’s Voices Today”

From: Cultural Weekly

Alexis Espinoza is a high spirited student of passion. From painting, to writing, to photography, he indulges himself in whatever form of art he’s partaking in. An aspiring psychologist, he aims to get to know the human mind closer, and use this to help others. Through his art he is able to explore his own mind and translate the untranslatable into a physical spectacle.


After Walt Whitman

WHY! Who makes much of a tragedy?
As to me, I know nothing else but tragedies,
Whether I walk the streets of Los Angeles,
Or peer upon caprice projects and ghettos, kids up to no good hustling up and down their neighborhood,
Or wade with naked feet along broken glass, cuts leaving my feet red in pain,
Or walk around by day, pistol in my waistband-or attempt to sleep at night holding on tight to my only safety,
Or sit in front of the glass with my older brother on the other side, locked up in men’s central,
Or the constant calls for 1-8-7, a code that everyone by now knows,
Or watch as a car drives by toting guns and knives, looking for any excuse to use them,
Or see the polluted streets and alleys on the walk home,
Or smell the distant gunpowder and smoke – Or hear the pops of gunshots with the blare of sirens quickly following,
Or the rugged, torn down ego of those gangsters that hang out in front of my apartment complex,
Or the purple and black conjured up from “falling down” as I had told my mother,
Or behold the lives swallowed up by greed and drugs,
Or the rancid smell of illicit drugs-Or the hustle of dealing and doping,

Read Rest of Poem Here




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