A New Literary Journal With an Eye on Topanga Canyon

A new literary journal buildign wide dusk libhas surfaced in Los Ángeles. It’s called S-Curves and hails from the community tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains. The community one passes as they make the drive along State Route 27 as one heads to the Malibu coast from The Valley.

Topanga is still known as an artiest colony as it became known during the 60s with the likes of Neil Young and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys having lived there for a time. Once again it’s a community proving the creative juices are literary too. As Faith Currant, editor of S-Curves says of her magazine, “The focus of the journal is on featuring the literary community of the canyon, but while we do give priority to Topanga writers, we are open to submissions from LA writers/artists based outside of Topanga as well.” If you anyone wants to know the kind of literature that is being penned in the community of Topanga, this magazine is a good place to start.

As Faith Currant continues, “Our first issue was published in December and was very well received. We have the support of the Topanga Library, the Topanga Author’s Group…We’re currently accepting submissions of work for our second issue which will be published at the end of March.” Not to mention they are already spreading their wings into all aspects of the canyon’s literary community and beyond. “We’ve just launched the ‘New Voices’ award, which will feature a student writer in each issue. And we’re also actively working on sponsoring and co-sponsoring literary events in the canyon, including workshops and readings.”

S-Curves publishes short stories, literary non fiction, poetry, and excerpts from longer works and works-in-progress for the readers of Los Ángeles to enjoy. In the inaugural issue there are poems from Oleg Kagan, a writer and librarian from Los Ángeles, a poem by Gary David Johnson, whose first novel, a mystery/thriller titled Zipper, was set mostly in Topanga Canyon, and a short story by Vicki Abelson, a featured contributor to The Huffington Post.

Enjoy this new Los Ángeles literary magazine. And to all those Angeleño writers out there, maybe submit some of your writing their way too.

Website: http://s-curvesonline.com/


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