Grand Park BookFest

Grand_Park_Arial_660X270Chiwan Choi, Found of L.A. based literary press Writ Large, said the following earlier today about the Grand Park BookFest:

“[W]e had to move the Grand Park Downtown BookFest to May this year because of AWP scheduling (jerks). [B]ut it’s just given us all to do all these smaller scale events at GP starting in March and going on all the way to May 7th.”

The list of literary events at Grand Park kicks off with the following:


Grand Park’s SPRINGTIME READS begins a season of reading and writing activities creating interesting places and spaces for bookworms of all ages.

Kicking off with THE BRADBURY ROOM, a partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles, and the nation-wide The Big Read, the [type]written word comes to life to celebrate L.A.’s own Ray Bradbury and his seminal work Fahrenheit 451. Grand Park’s Olive Court transforms to an installation of DIY typewriting inspired by Bradbury’s own experience writing Fahrenheit 451 in the basement typing room of UCLA’s Lawrence Clark Powell Library in 1952.

All are invited to channel their inner Bradbury and type away, prompted by quotes from the famous book, among Grand Park’s trees, fountain, and spring breezes.

Where: Grand Park

Date: March 12th

Time: 12 pm – 4:51 pm

Address: 200 N Grand Ave, Los Angeles, California 90012




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