Angel City Review Issue Two Now Available

Angel-City-review-issue-2Issue 2 of Angel City Review is now available for your consumption. As always it is free and currently formatted  a quarterly Ebook (in PDF, Kindle, and Epub formats).

As it says on Angel City’s Website:

Founded in Los Angeles in Fall 2014, Angel City Review is a literary journal that is committed to bringing the cutting edge in fiction and poetry to a modern audience. We aim to present a diverse range of both writers and genres that run the gamut from experimental narratives to grittier fiction with a literary air. We are neither afraid of, nor do we stick to, any particular style of writing. If you present us with a work that shocks or wows us we will gladly share it with the world. Every issue will feature a couple of more established writers; however our main goal is to provide an outlet for new and emerging authors with an emphasis on writers based in Los Angeles. The majority of the pages will be filled with work by authors who may be new to you and quite possibly are appearing in print for the first time.

Plus, Angel City Review will soon start posting book review to their website. There, you will read about books that, in the mainstream, don’t receive enough press, that are over looked and/or ignored. Stay tuned for that.

Issue two features:

Billy Burgos

Chiwan Choi

Teka Lark Fleming

and more



Also check out issue one which is chalk full of great Los Angeles writers such as:

Dan Fante (RIP)

Iris De Anda

F. Douglas Brown

and more.


As founding editor  Zachary Jensen says about Angel City Review in the forward to issue one:

When initially starting this project, I questioned if there was really a need for another literary journal…The problem, though, is not everyone can afford to shell out even $7 to experience new poetry and fiction. Also, many (but not all) of these journals are inaccessible to new and emerging writer making it difficult for new writers to be heard. With these two problems in mind Angel City Review was born…writers who you may not have even heard of yet will carry the brunt of it…Los Angeles has a rich and diverse literary culture that is waiting to be tapped into and we plan to share that with you for many years to come.


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