Ertll Book Presentation and Signing

La Bloga

Screenshot 2015-10-31 03.04.18La Bloga friend, Randy Jurado Ertll, shares the following about his Thursday, November 5 event at the main Pasadena Public Library. The roll of writers in our society: What do we really value–material wealth or knowledge?

Occidental College Alumni Seal award winner Randy Jurado Ertll (’95) will speak about the experiences, motivation and perseverance required to be a writer in today’s society. Can we achieve social changes through the written word? What is the price that writers pay to exercise their freedom of speech?

Ertll is the author of Hope in times of darkness: A Salvadoran American Experience, Esperanza en tiempos de Oscuridad: La Experiencia de un Salvadorteno Americano, The life of an activist: In the Frontlines 24/7, and the lives and times of El Ciptio. His books will be available for sale and signing.

Where: Main Pasadena Public Library, Donald Wright Auditorium,

Date: Thursday, the 5th

Time: 7 p.m.

Address: 285 East Walnut Street Pasadena, CA 91101.



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