LitCrawl L.A.: Los Angeles’ Literary Lovefest Returns To North Hollywood

By Eve Hill

Lit Crawl 2015The literary life of Los Angeles is thriving, and a free celebration is afoot! On October 21st, 2015, LitCrawl L.A. returns to North Hollywood with a walkable menu of literary offerings. Feed both your literary and literal appetite as over 200 Los Angeles writers descend upon NoHo’s assorted coffee shops and restaurants to read from their latest works. Start your personal literary lovefest now by curling up with a sampling of the authors described below.

Literature For Life

Literature for Life is a journal for local writers that also offers a curriculum component. Aligning L.A.’s literary offerings with state standards allows the works to be taught in middle and high school classrooms. Stories of contemporary Los Angeles life “create a sense of immediacy” and get students engaged.

8th graders may read Kicks, the first novel by White Oleander and Paint it Black authorJanet Fitch, about a couple of Los Angeles girls with very different upbringings. Carla has been cut loose from her parents and is reckless. Laurie is tame and envious, but begins taking risks under Carla’s influence.

An option for 10th graders is Keenan Norris’ Friday. A master of urban fiction, Norris is also the editor of Street Lit, a compilation of urban fiction from the 1950s to present day that illuminates this powerful literary genre.

In author Jervey Tervalon’s latest novel, Monster’s Chef, Monster “used to be a black man.” He’s a reclusive, mega-super star with similarities to Michael Jackson, but Monster also cultivates a dangerous persona. His Lair has a moat filled with toothy fish and “blond children running around like chickens.” His skinny, charismatic image appears as a 3D projection at his own birthday party. “Is he evolution, technology, or science fiction?” When a once celebrated restauranteur claws his way back from a heroin addiction and lands a job as Monster’s personal chef, he is drawn into the “outrageously wrong” lifestyle of the manipulative celebrity, and struggles to hang on to the desperate hope that this job is not just another step on his path to self-destruction.

Keeping it local at LitCrawl L.A., Literature for Life will present “Literary Locavore Los Angeles: L.A. Streets by L.A. Writers,” with readings by Rebecca Gonzales, Erin Aubry Kaplan,Cheryl Klein, Susan Straight, Daniel Voll, Janet Fitch, Keenan Norris, and Jervey Tervalon. Read Rest of Article Here


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