Chiwan Choi in the Fall Issue of Twelfth House

1442855589Los Angeles poet Chiwan Choi has published another section from his current poetry project “If 100, Then 150,” this time in Twelfth House. As Choi said on his blog in July about this project, “as some of you know, I’ve been working on a poem (or the poem’s been working me) in the last month or so…The poem started out as a shorter piece called ‘if 100, then 150,’ I wrote it to read at the Machine Dreams robot symposium at UCLA on June 11. While I liked the piece enough when I read it, it didn’t feel finished at all. So when I had a chance to read again 10 days later…I edited it and read it again. It felt much better…but still not done…The editing ‘solution’ I found became a bigger problem. Ok. Not problem, but definitely bigger. I realized the poem, still called “if 100, then 150,” needed to be a 100 part piece.”

Twelfth House is a journal of poetry and nonfiction founded in the summer of 2014. Their name comes from astrology, where the twelfth house is understood as the house of the “collective unconscious.” Historically, the twelfth house was associated with secrets, hidden meanings and self-undoings. Now, it governs how they think they fit in the world. It reflects their capacity to see the little in the big. While they are not a themed journal, Twelfth House likes writing that engages with the ethos of the twelfth house. They like to be surprised so They publish surprising writing. Show them new ways to intuit.

Read this new section from his poetry project here.


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