The 8 Best Bookstores in Los Angeles, Because, Yes, People Do Read Out West


iliadbooksFirst off, did you know that there are more than eight bookstores in L.A.? Given how most of my friends back east talk, it seems like that probably needs to be clarified before we can continue. Sure, we’re a city famous for living in an airheaded, laid-back, tabloid-driven bubble, but Los Angeles is actually a surprisingly great city for readers — there many wonderful bookstores here, enough so that I had to pare down my list of favorites in order to write something of readable length.

Thanks to L.A.’s fragmented geography, people really take ownership of their local shops. Because we’re a city that enjoys a chance to be seen, people attend book events in large numbers, and because we’re a city that’s used to driving, people venture far outside of their comfort zones to visit our wonderful specialty bookshops. I don’t want to use the word mecca… but I’m going to do that right now. L.A. is a book-lover’s mecca. Sorry to destroy everything you thought you knew.

LA is vast, but I didn’t want to make this list too vast. I’ve excluded some stores that are great, but annoyingly far from central L.A. I made rules, but then I broke them to include Vroman’s in Pasadena, because I’m unpredictable and capricious and I care about you. I was going to exclude the Valley, but then I remembered a great used bookstore and broke my own rules. I’m a maverick, but I did it all for you!

So, readers, if you’re in town, here are the eight bookstores you shouldn’t miss: Read Rest of Article Here


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